Sunday, December 19, 2010

I love a sunburnt country...

Hi lovely friends

How is your weekend treating you? Are you down to all the last minute shopping and preparations for the big weekend to come...or are you more like me and only just writing your list of things to do, having bought absolutely nothing!

Here it is raining (again), so it has made it hard to really get into the swing of enjoying Summer.... This would be a first, but I am really hanging out for some nice warm weather.

At the moment I am getting set (in amongst my other stuff), to do some art painting - the reason why I started the ol' Tigs White Canvas to start with. I think it is due to be frank; I seem to have lost my way with all the other creative ventures that keep tweaking at my implusive and easily distracted self.

In doing my prep work painting and checking against my reference photos, (and dreaming of some warmer weather), I found this photo of two paintings that I had not yet shared.

These two were painted about 10 years apart. The one on the right was painted first: it is an oil on canvas and was done for my Mum, who particularly loved this scene and asked me to paint it for her. It did take a while as there is lots of glazing...the photo makes it appear a little flatter than it is in real life, where it appears to change depending upon the light: the beauty of glazing.

The painting on the left was painted earlier this year as a gift for friends of my folks who own the land in both  paintings. It is an acrylic on canvas and involves no glazing whatsoever (phew!!) so didn't take so long to paint.

What we all found amazing was that while the two paintings had been painted at different points in time, from different reference photos, they lined up really well next to each other. 

So there it is - I have shared some art, and if nothing else have inspired myself to wriggle my bones into action and get some more painting done!

As always I love your feedback, even if it is just to say "hi!"; it really makes me day.

Take care of yourselves in this week leading up to Christmas.

Big hugs



Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oh my are a painting goddess! I didn't realise you painted so extraordinarily well. They look like real-life photo; you've captured the countryside perfectly. And I love the way they line up so well....that's so strange isn't it?!

We've got lots of snow here! My children are over the moon!!


freckled laundry said...

Beautiful! How cool that the paintings "connect" like that. I always love it when you post your artwork. Happy belated birthday to your oldest babe! I shared your ornament tutorial on facebook, btw.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Lovely Catherine...I love the one on the seems to look so places on the land can do...Dzintra♥x

tuckaway hearts said...

Hi Catherine ... I couldn't find an email to post to so I am going to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for the lovely ornament ... I rec'd it yesterday and have enjoyed this exchange so much! I hope you have a Merry and Blessed Christmas and all the Best in 2011!

tammi said...

what a fun blog!! i love it...

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