Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goodbye dear friend

This is our gorgeous dog Bronson, who gently passed away to sleep this weekend.

He was 16 years old and spent much of the past year asleep near the front door, during the day, or at the end of the bed at night time. Both these spaces are now very empty.

Bronnie had the most beautiful and patient nature;

He taught my eldest son that dogs can be gentle;

He taught my middle son that a dog really is mans best friend; and

He taught our little angel that if she drops food she doesn't like on the floor,
he will always be there to hoover it up;
that if she lies on him, kisses him, smothers him or takes his chew balls...
he will be willing to take such treatment, to a point, in exchange for all food shared.

Bronson now has a beautiful resting place in our garden.

Forever in our hearts.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My new inspiration addiction

Hi all

Today I wanted to share a new blog and a great new inspiration party to join;

Decor and Fashion inspired by birds and nature. 


Anne from Bird/Like is hosting a Bird Inspired Design Board Monday, and in doing so introduced me to my new addiction: Olioboard!! 

It is a fantastic interactive online tool that allows you to create multiple mood boards, from a wealth of decor items.


I have spent so much time just playing with my very first mood board, inspired by the Bower Bird.

I have to admit this little chap totally inspired me, as did Olioboard, because:

just like a bower bird,
off I went, 
collecting items to store away:
for what?
I have no idea!
But they sure were pretty!!

Please go and take a look at Bird/Like to hook up with Inspiration Monday!!

It sure does promise to be LOTS of fun!!



Monday, March 14, 2011

A quick addition for the wall

Hello dear friends

First, thank you for your sweet comments and emails about my last post.  I am glad to report that this last week has proved considerably quieter on many fronts, and on others the stresses are finally come to a close.

I took some time for myself during this to whip up a couple of quick paintings for our family room walls.

We are slowly decorating.  In fact, I think it is so slow at times I have to wonder if we can call it "decorating" - is decorating an actual concerted effort towards change, or a gradual change that just seems to happen?  Either way, change is the intent, and we are getting there :-)

Anyway, enough rambling.

Believe me when I say this was quick and in context of the room, very effective.

Do you want to learn how?

I have used wall paint (yep, no fancy paints here!) that I have incorporated into my recent home changes;

Aqua, and
chocolate (this sounds so much better than brown)


And you know, I can show you how to do the same!

Keen?  Pop on over to my other blog Paint with Me (see the button to the, make that the right!), where I will post a tutorial in the coming week.

Again, you guys are the best!! Mwah!

Big hugs


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Having a moment...

Hi all my lovelies
I am sorry I have been missing in action; there is just too much on my plate at the moment and unfortunately this means I just want to flunk on the couch at the end of the day.

In no particular order:
  • my husbands parents, who are in their 80s are in the early stages of dementia; they are only 2 minutes from us so my husband has spent the last year assisting with numerous health assesments, supporting the sale of their home, organising their move into a retirement village...only two more weeks and they will be settled in. Luckily his sister is near enough to also be helped this process along beautifully - but it all takes it's toll after a while;
  • Our dog of 16 years is, well...on his last legs.  We have had the talk with the children and now it is just time to get the vet to come over; he has a lovely place ready in the garden.
  • my grandmother in QLD, who is 93, has had a fall recently and broke her collar bone.  She has dementia which means she is in a heightened state of confusion - while she was in the hospital they found that she was terribly aenemic, which is most likely why she fell, and required two blood transfusions. The aenemia was due to massive ulceration of her esophogus (I have no idea if I am spelling any of these words correctly!)so she is getting treatment for that too;
  • I have had both my boys have massive crashes on their skooters in the last month - both involving facial and limb injury.  The first was my youngest man who crashed on the way home from school; skidded along his nose and lip and battered up his elbow: I had a phone call at work from the side of the road for that one. The second crash was my eldest out the front out of our house - he timed this perfectly with our wee one jamming two of her fingers. He crashed off his home made ramp: as he later said it was a "three point landing" knee, head, shoulder. Let's not talk about the helmet he wasn't wearing, but he couldn't walk, so that included a trip the hospital. No breaks, but a severe amount of swelling, antibiotics to prevent infection in his wound (blergh!) and Mumma attention required constantly. Boys!!
  • I can't find my special doovie to download my photos off my camera...hence, no photos at the moment either.
Sorry about the big blergh,... I am missing catching up on all my favourite blogs and telling you all the GOOD things that are happening here too. Because yes, there is good.

  • We have a new beautiful TV cabinet for our family room;
  • I recovered and painted my kids toy box for a "storage" box;
  • I have made cushion covers;
  • I have (as at now) undercoated another chest, ready for painting;
  • I have whipped up a painting for the wall to compliment the new colour scheme - white, aqua and chocolate.  It is abstract and very simple;
  • I've made blackberry jam; it was my first time and OH MY! I kept making scones, just so I could eat the jam...!  Yep, a couple of extra kgs went on there!

I have also been working: it sort of straddles the good and bad category :-D

So please forgive my absence - I will be back soon!

Big hugs

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