Monday, March 14, 2011

A quick addition for the wall

Hello dear friends

First, thank you for your sweet comments and emails about my last post.  I am glad to report that this last week has proved considerably quieter on many fronts, and on others the stresses are finally come to a close.

I took some time for myself during this to whip up a couple of quick paintings for our family room walls.

We are slowly decorating.  In fact, I think it is so slow at times I have to wonder if we can call it "decorating" - is decorating an actual concerted effort towards change, or a gradual change that just seems to happen?  Either way, change is the intent, and we are getting there :-)

Anyway, enough rambling.

Believe me when I say this was quick and in context of the room, very effective.

Do you want to learn how?

I have used wall paint (yep, no fancy paints here!) that I have incorporated into my recent home changes;

Aqua, and
chocolate (this sounds so much better than brown)


And you know, I can show you how to do the same!

Keen?  Pop on over to my other blog Paint with Me (see the button to the, make that the right!), where I will post a tutorial in the coming week.

Again, you guys are the best!! Mwah!

Big hugs



Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oooh, I'm sooooo pleased that you're back. I've been missing your posts such a lot. This painting in amazing. I'm really excited about having a go.

I can't believe you just whipped it up in a spare moment you had!

I'm glad things are a bit better, Cath. It sounded unbelievably stressful for you.

*big hug*


Anne said...

Cath, what a dreamy painting!! I am SO glad you visited me so that I could discover your blog in return! I am an amateur painter, its hit or miss, but like you I just discovered painting and printing on fabric, love it!

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