Sunday, July 4, 2010

Starting on a White Canvas

You really would think that by starting a blog I would have something inspirational to share: something that would stir you from within and launch you onto a great moment of creativity. Maybe not immediately, but perhaps over time as we get to know one another.

Let's just say for now that this blog will be an avenue by which I will pour a little of my creative juices and perhaps inspire myself :-)

Well, what have I got to share? My paintings. I dabble in most things involving colour and mess - pastels, oils, pencils, ink but my big thing at present is acrylics. I am loving these right now as they force me to work fast, and think less. Thinking about what I am doing is just a great way of making me stop :-) But as soon as I stop thinking and just "feel" my way,...ahh, step back, have a cup of coffee and then look at what I did. Sometimes I even amaze myself :-)

My experience: I have been drawing and painting with passion for the past 20 years. I have attended various classes over time, both private for a couple of years and at Art Schools. I have purchased and commissioned works held in private collections. I have lots more stored in my own home. :-D

So, the aim for my blog is to post completed paintings on here as I go along, either as "Works in Progress"

Or as the completed piece:

And maybe if I get really clever, I will see if anyone is interested in a few lessons on how to do stuff. We'll see. :-)

In addition, I will bore you with inspirational images, some that may have nothing to do with painting but they will tick the "lovely!!" box for me.

OK, this is coffee. Coffee inspires me. Alot.... However, this photo also says winter, warm, crackling fires, rain on a tin roof...I don't know how red wine came into a photo of coffee...but anything that makes me remember those really cosy, comforting moments....they are my bliss.

So, thanks for stopping in...let's see if we can get some colour down on this white canvas.




Patrice said...

Wow, good for you! Welcome to blogland, it's addictive :o)

Look forward to seeing all your art and inspiration!!!

craftyles said...

Beautiful painting. Love the red!

Lily said...

So lovely, you are very talented!

Bea Christianson said...

What a lovely painting! I wish I could paint like that - it makes for such creative ways to save money with your home decor. Have a delightful Rednesday.

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