Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day of wasted teabags

Have you ever had one of those days that you make a cup of tea...then get distracted and your cuppa goes cold? I have had one of those days.

This morning it was overcast, chilly and misty. That's fine when the mist burns off and we have a glorious sunny winters day, where we can work away in the garden - my job of yesterday was pruning roses - but today it has stayed overcast and miserable. This, combined with a not so great sleep as our little chick has gone into a big-girls bed, I am having a tea-drinking day. Coffee is my pleasure, but tea is my soother. :-)

So my day today has been spent playing with my little chicklette - who after a terrible nights sleep since perfectly happy - and trying to make tea.

In a stolen moment, I decided to go in hunt of some inspiration. I seriously want to paint our family room and kitchen, but being Winter it is just too cold right now. So I am stockpiling my inspirational photos...the lovely doesn't know what hits him when I pull my photos out and say "can we do this",...but here comes another batch my dear!

There are a couple of sites that I have discovered in my vast travels around the world, courtesy of the internet, that I just LOVE. One of the sites is a shop in Sweden, You don't need to read Swedish to enjoy the beautiful imagery.

Another gorgeous site is Sigh.

There really is something about the crisp white, the rustic earthy elements, timber....the list goes on. I just love this style.

And one of my absolute favourite sites at the moment

We are going to need alot of white...what I would really love to do too, is paint our skirtings and door frames etc white. That is a bigger battle, and perhaps one that can be taken up after the first stage is completed.

Have a great afternoon,



freckled laundry said...

My cuppa goes cold all of the time! :( Couldn't tell you the last time I had a hot cup of tea or coffee. Thank you so much for loving my bib & burp cloth. It was such a special project. Be sure to share pics if you decide to make them. Thanks for following me, too! I get so excited to make a new friend. :)


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