Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Disaster has struck

Good evening fair friends,

I had hoped to be able to bring back the final of my water painting, only I went and did something called "experimenting" LOL I decided I wanted to put some depth and punch into the water shading, and instead made a bit of a mess.

I find for me there is no quicker way to let go of the rigid "shoulds" and move to the "what ifs" and freestyle (painting without thinking), than to experiment. Often, this happens after I have made a mistake: this time I created one LOL...never fear, I hope the water painting will be back to near completion very soon.

In the name of feeling productive, and since I know I still have my little band of lovely followers checking in on any updates, I thought I would share another painting that is almost finished.

This was painted from a photo taken at Wilpena Pound in Central South Australia. It is painted on a framed stretched canvas in acrylics.

I can promise that, given I have been working on this for ages, I will not be experimenting on this one. There is only a little way to go and it shall be done.

The photo is a bit average, I took it this morning when our family room was full of light, but due to the size of it I do need to stand a fair distance away.

Have a super evening and I hope to be back with you soon!




Patrice said...

Okay so I don't understand your 'disaster' but your blog is looking really good :o) Go you!

Catherine said...

Hmmm, well the disaster was that I made a mess out of the water painting that I posted previously - my usual "experimenting" ended in a mess. Disaster!! Hopefully it is recoverable :-)

Patrice said...

Yes but to a layman like me it didn't look a mess at all lol. I'm sure you will fix and make beautiful.

Catherine said...

LOL that's because I didn't post a photo of the disaster - I will pop out tomorrow and take one of the before (pre-disaster) and after (post, with minor repairs already done). Nothing is lost as long as something is learnt ;-)

freckled laundry said...

Good for you and experimenting! (Sorry it ended in disaster.) If Picasso and Cezanne played it safe, then we wouldn't have cubism or impressionism, would we? Haha! Just trying to make you feel better. I'm sure you'll fix it up just fine. Love the acrylic painting that you did show, though. The colors are so rich and beautiful!

Thank you for you're sweet comment on my Organization Station. (I thought surely everything from here on out would pale in comparison to that zinc dresser. So, thanks for loving it!)

Have a great week, Catherine.


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