Monday, July 12, 2010

The creative weekend

Wow!! I had a fabulous and creative weekend but as a result, it has taken a little while to come back to you all.

Saturday morning I enjoyed 3 hours with an art lesson group learning about watercolours - something I have never tried before - and then layering the dried image with Pastels!! I loved it!

A pastel drawing/sketch is where the white of the paper still shows through and a pastel painting is where the entire canvas is covered. The idea of applying watercolour as a wash first is to remove the white starkness of the paper and also, the pastel is not required in such a heavy application to create a painted result. Of course then, this becomes a mixed media result.

Whilst the fruits of my labour are clearly not a completed painting, I think it conveys how the two mediums can work together to produce some beautiful results with clean colour. I am really looking forward to having a bit of a play with this in the very near future.

The next creativity for the weekend was to make clay for the kids out of Bicarb of Soda, Cornflour and water. We just popped it on the stovetop over a medium heat until it was like mashed potato, let it cool - then play away. And the really cool thing about this was my kitchen bench and saucepan cleaned up a treat afterwards because of the bi-carb! Love that stuff!!

Whilst the mixture was a little crumbly it gave me a chance to try a few ideas - mostly using the kids playdough cutters and some of the stamps I have. I have some ideas for future projects, so that is something else I am going to tuck away for the future "experiment files" :-)

Add in a bunch of cooking with the kids - Anzac cookies, Poached Pear crumble...yummy....We had a great weekend!

Have a super day!!



George said...

Hmm, if I were to apply a label I'd say Post Impressionist. Not quite Fauvist. :))

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