Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Please be kind...phone blogging is not easy....

Hi friends!!

I'm terrible, yes? I know, I know; it is too long between posts and standard excuses of family, work and other commitments all start to sound thin when EVERYONE has the same hectic lifestyle.

Add to that, I've returned to blog and now, for some odd reason, blogger is not loading. I am hoping it is a temporary issue that will miraculously resolve itself.

However, for now, I am typing one fingered on my phone. Fun!!

I spent a lovely winter Sunday with my folks down the coast, and what I wanted to share today was my Dad and his photography. Just quietly, he rocks photography! And since Dad has followed me since the beginning, I know he will be reading.

Hey Dad! Yes; permission is granted to glow ;)

While we were at the coast Dad entered the 'weekly shooter' comp at Photo Art. Dad came second in one of the previous BIG international competitions. This week Dad won the weekly 'shoot out' theme of movement...with a photo of our little Boo riding a tricycle.

Very proud!!

So please check out my Dadda, here : http://www.photoartgallery.com/artist/tiabunna

I am sooo disappointed I can't post a photo to show you all the super photo he took on the weekend when I demonstrated to my middle little-man (after we ate) why you don't feed seagulls while you are eating...they swarm! He thought it was a hoot!!

Anyway, again forgive me. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon.




Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

That's such a sweet post, Cath. And I *did* check your Dad's photos out. They're great!!

Boo to Blogger for being so grumpy at the moment. :-(

But a big cheer for you for doing, not one, but TWO blog posts in a day!!


geecee said...

Aw, shucks, *blush* thanks Catherine. XX

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