Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's celebrate the little rays of sunshine


It has been so long since I have been here that I almost forgot what you look like!

I must say though, 
you are looking rather lovely today
...have you done something new with your hair?

No?  Well, let me tell you then that you look WoNDerful today!!

At this time of year we are smack in the middle of winter...smack cold, frozen, iced over, winter.  But let's be honest, we are in Australia...

So how cold can it get?

Well, where I live we have cars frosted over that need de-icing.  My boys like to do this by using the warmth of their hands so I end up with little warm hand prints all over the frosted windows.  That's about as bad as it gets.

If it snows, which has happened here in the last 2 years, we get really excited and stand around in the yard with our mouths open trying to catch flakes on our tongues.

Well, the kids and I do at least - the lovely just looks on fondly.

The truth is I love winter!! Mostly for the special days where the wind is still, the sun shines and the freshness of the cold morning is invigorating and makes you feel alive.

So in celebration of the winter rays of sunshine, let's have a wee peek at some beautiful inspiration.

I don't know about you, but I have noticed lots of yellow with black, white and grey lately.  I am not talking the yellow walls that we injected into happy homes in the 90s,  but rather the pops of sunny cheery yellow.

Don't you think that the yellow really sparkles
in the calming neutrals we love right now?

I am loving this gorgeous abstract, 
set behind the crisp white vase and the bare branches.

Seriously, who needs flowers?

Actually, I lets just forget that last question.

all images from decorpad

For me it is the artwork that makes this scheme work.

Being a large piece, it helps to break the wallpaper 
and bring together the striking combination
of contrasting colour and pattern.

Would you have picked yellow, turquoise and grey together?

I don't truly know if I could live in this 24/7,  
but I do love the colour adventure...
 the solid turquoise and grey chairs, 
the yellow curtains, 
all set against the patterned grey rug and happy yellow wallpaper...

As you all know, I love colour and for me yellow is happy.  

Plain and simple.

Happy Sunshine!!!




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FiliGrace said...

I have the same feeling about yellow. :)
Love the photo examples!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oooh, I lurrrrve those little pops of yellow. They look sooooo happy, don't they? It makes me want to get the paint out!!!

I'm SO glad you found a moment to post. It always puts a smile on my li'l face!!


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