Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Garden party!!!

Hello my sweet friends.

Do you like my dress?  I am going to the lovely Sarah's Garden Party over at Modern Country Style.

You should come along! There is a beautiful display of flowers and some lovely frocks in attendance!  Not only that but Sarah promised us a garden bath: perfect for washing our dirty feet if, like me, you plan to run through the grass with no shoes on!

This is my garden in the spring - it was a painting I did in acrylics in about 3 hours non stop.  It was a bit of a challenge, because while I was painitng in the grass, my little man who was 4 at the time was painting the sky brown!!  Lucky acrylic dries fast!

The painting was done with a palette knife and was primarily a study of the light.

Over at TWC - Paint with Me we are working on our backgrounds for our paintings.  We haven't long to go, so be sure to check back in a couple of weeks when we do our "before and after" virtual gallery showing.  Better yet, there is still time to jump right in and join this session.

Take care and enjoy the champers - it really is a gorgeous afternoon for a garden party.



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Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

That picture is brilliant, Cath. The first thing I saw when I looked at it was how amazingly the artist had caught the light and then I find a) the artist was YOU and b) it was a study in light.

I think this is my favourite picture of yours. I love it. So beautiful. You've shown the depth and feel of the garden incredibly well.

Thank you so much for linking up. Now....where's my drink?!


Kathy said...

This is amazing Cath! Lovely artwork - I am inspired!

Alison said...

Love the are very talented! Do you have a place where you list works for sale?


Stuff and Nonsense

freckled laundry said...

3 hours?! Beautiful. I'd love to join Sarah's Garden Party but when it's O degrees outside, it's kind of hard to think "garden"! lol


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

We want another post. We want another post.

How's your bathroom coming along?

Or anything else?

Even sweeping up mess.



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