Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Garden party anyone?

Hi all my lovelies!

Where have I seems I have been missing in action for a little bit.  But, what a way to return with a garden party!!

The lovely, gorgeous and funny Miss Sarah from Modern Country Style is hosting an English Garden party on the 9th February! 

You can read Sarah's lovely invitation here.

or, use the button below that you can also find on my side bar.

Modern Country Style

A gorgeous English Garden party is just the tonic to soothe our Australian Summer nerves right now - we may have had fluctuating heat, storms and humidity, but our hearts go out to our Queensland friends and family who have endured the recent floods and TC Yasi.

Sarah's post also includes the most romantic pillow that she made her husband for Valentines day!

Yep, I am inspired to whip out my dusty sewing machine once more!

Now, over in my alternate universe of the blogging world; Tigs White Canvas - Paint with Me, we are chuffing along quite nicely with our mixed media painting of an Iris.  I have just introduced the use of white acrylic to our water colour painting and I talk about the movement and textures that can be created using these two together.

Next I will talk about the background and how to make it exactly that - the background: we can't have our Iris become a wall flower and be overpowered by the dominance of a competing background, can we!

So pop over if you haven't been following so far - there is always time to jump right in!

Big hugs

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