Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bathroom reveal...

Hi lovelies

This blog heading should read more like "sneaky peek" bathroom reveal!!

After months and months our bathroom is finally complete, except for the "prettyfying" that includes new pretty, coordinated, fluffy, towels.

Rather than the course, stiff, mismatched collection the kids have been using up until now.

Due to this "naked" presentation, I just don't feel right showing you the whole kit and caboodle...and because it is a very small bathroom, I am limited for space to do anything too flash anyway.

Alrighty, enough (guilty) justification for my lack of appropriate decorating for the grand reveal....truth is, I just couldn't wait to share!!

...drum roll please...
...try to not run screaming...

Please welcome to your screens,

Yes, what do you say?
  • lovely timber stained window framing beige yellow window - check
  • nice beige tiles - check
  • gold tapware - oops, already removed;
  • apricot beige bath, sink and vanity - thrown with much enthusiasm into the trailer ready for the tip.  (I'm sure you are sad you missed those babies!

...but wait, there's more!!
  • lovely beige plastic trim shower screen
  • gold detail tile running around the walls
  • dirty-erck (yes, I am now officially making that a colour) floor tiles
ah, and the pièce de résistance...
check out that light fitting!
Yes, that's them,...
that row of bulbs mounted to a bit of wood on the wall!

The reason this all took so long:
  • The lovely was going to tackle this job himself, until he realised there was not a standard fitting in site.
  • The bath we bought was longer (the previous bath was for the vertically challenged).
  • The tiles did not want to come off neatly: we ended up cutting the tiles out, wall and all.
  • There was no waterproofing.
  • It wasn't as easy as it all first appeared.
 So by the time;
  •  we got a chap to come in and do the work, which didn't include fitting everything;
...the lovely DID do that...
  • I attacked the window with multiple coats of priming undercoat, undercoat, gloss top coat;
  • we changed the door from an 80's flat panel to a panelled door, including painting;
  • we changed the light fitting (naturally!)
  • the lovely painted the walls this past week while I removed all children from the house for some coast time!
we are complete (minus nice towels etc etc)

...drum roll please...

...cue the applause...
(or polite clapping if you prefer)

I give you AFTER:

We had white everything installed:
  • tiles on the wall
  • tiles on the floor
  • and the vanity with the seamless sink top - so wonderful and easy for the kids to keep clean.

We (well, the lovely) painted the walls in Dulux Hogsbristle half strength;

We fitted a switch tap in the sink to make it easier for the kids to clean their hands after the loo - also easy to turn off again!

All fixtures are in silver;

We chose brushed nickle hooks for the kids towels - less hassle of trying to teach them to fold them to hang them, plus they will each have their own hook - and one for the guest.

We included a brushed nickle three-bulb rail light - much nicer that bare bulbs on wood!

The vanity has four deep drawers - one each for the kids to store their things and one for guests.

Can you see that little sneaky peek? There, on the floor of the shower?

Those are my much coveted pebble tiles that are supposedly marble, squished flat. Surprisingly they are indeed comfortable under foot. My selling point to the lovely for these, other than I liked them, was they are rocks - and our wee one likes if we stick them on the floor of the shower, perhaps she will be happy to shower in there, rather than with us!!

So there we have it; one last time!



I hope you have enjoyed this little venture into my main bathroom - past and present. I am so glad it is over, but learnt a heap of things in the process.


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Heidi said...

What an accomplishment! You must be thrilled. Thanks for stopping by, I was happy to check out your blog only to find a fantastic before and after. Heidi

Deanne said...

Looks great so far, can't wait to see the finished product!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oh, Cath, even this little snippet (you big tease, you) looks gorgeous.

I love your tap and basin combo especially - too cool for school. :-)


Lisa said...

This is stunningly beautiful. Love your blog.


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