Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi lovelies

I am still here, I promise! It has been a little busy in the Tig household of late, but I have managed to squeeze in some experimenting time. Unfortunately nothing I am prepared to show you yet...but I will soon, I promise.

Anyway, I have been looking at image transfer to fabric. I am in love with the beautiful french design pillows, but honestly, how expensive they are!!!! Crazy!! And I thought to myself, "Catherine, it is time to dust off your sewing maching (only used previously for hemming curtains) and make a cushion." Seriously, how hard can that be! Surely it is just like hemming curtains, only with corners...right?!

So, off I went in search of instruction....

The lovely Kristine at The Painted Hive was kind enough to mail me the instructions for doing a citrus rubbing of printed images onto fabric.

So I sourced the most gorgeous image from The Graphics Fairy

and then using the rubbing method, rubbed my little heart out!! Those results were pretty good. I even attempted a "Bonne Nuit" rubbing for a pillow for Boo's room...again, just a curtain, with corners, but longer...yeh...?

...can you tell I haven't started sewing yet...

...yes, I AM procrastinating...

Anyway, then I decided to attempt another method. I bought A4 print labels - just like the ones you use for envelopes, only A4. Stuck it to my fabric...trimmed my fabric so there were no stray threads...and printed away.

Let me tell you, that was PERFECT!!

So, when I finally sew these little experiments up, I wil post some pics. Promise.

Even if they do look like curtains with corners :-)

Stay tuned!!




freckled laundry said...

Can't wait to see the A4 label trick results. I'm sure your sewing is as lovely as your painting.


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