Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The white begins...before and after entry way

Woo hoo!!

Finally, the weather has warmed...

Spring has sprung (to be totally cliche)

two of the three wee-Tigs are away...

the timing is perfect to begin painting.

Now if you have been following me thus far, you would know that I am itching to start painting my home in white. The first little room to be treated to a mini makeover, was our entry way. The space is only small, but still, it is important to instantly reflect our home and who we are.

Before...dragging me down....

We have a lovely pew that Mr Tig picked up at an antique shop somewhere many years ago, a cane picnic hamper, a couple of cushions I bought to throw on my (then) navy couch, a rustic wood mirror...we have a cute silver crystal mini chandie hanging...but dirty cream/yellow walls....

I chose this room as it was one I could tackle myself to kick-start us off on the great white adventure.

Please note: The front door, on the left, will be painted white in due course. Then, on the right, there is a coat cupboard with the original 80s flat door - that will be completely replaced in time too. Sorry, I just can't bring myself to widen the photo any further...once I do the doors I promise I will!!

So what did I do...?

I painted the walls and ceiling in semi-gloss white. White; straight from the can, white. No tint, nope, I couldn't decide in the end, but Ms Rachel Ashwell saw me through that little dilemma and I just went white.

Mr Tig went out with the wee-Tig for a little while to let me have some clear time to clean and mask up (which I secretly admit, I find really therapeutic...please don't tell anyone!! ), so by the time he got home, I had completed my first coat and two coats on the mirror. A second coat later, and we were pretty happy.

I decided to make a twig wreath to attach to the top corner of the mirror, to add a bit of dimension, when Mr Tig hit a creative moment and popped some twigs across the mirror. I am not sure if he was kidding, but straight away I loved it...and in shock, Mr Tig did too!! I admit, we had a high-five moment at that point.

So that, my lovelies, was simply it: I took the pillows from the family room (for now) to give some extra life and we were complete!

After - woo hooooooooo!!

Really simple I know. I can't wait for the doors to be completed, but for now every time we walk in the house we are greeted with our first metamorphis of Spring, and are very happy.

I won't tell you about the three layers we then added to the family room and kitchen. It is a longer tale and is only early stages - yes, three layers of white made it onto our walls. 10L of white paint is almost gone. Already, there is a remarkable difference, but there is more white to come...

...stay tuned.




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