Friday, July 22, 2011

Paint Party at Modern Country Style...bring nibblies!!

Hi all my lovely friends

Have you heard that Sarah at Modern Country Style is having a party?

And yes, it is not just any party...this is a PAINT party.

Would you agree that this would have to be one of the best parties ever, because whether it be furniture, walls or can link something up!

Strangely enough, I mulled considerably over what to link up.  I know...paintings everywhere and nothing to show.   In the end, in keeping with Sarah's latest series on painting furniture, I have decided to link back to an old post about Bella Boo's bed.  It really is a 2-for-1 link, because I painted the bed and the painting hanging above it!

I am not very good with the pillow smooshing and joo-jooing...
I think they call it styling ;-)

Now, a little bit closer at my fine paint splashing, layering and sanding....

Now look away if you don't want a shock....this is the before...

The full post about the transformation is here.

Enjoy the party!!




Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love your words for styling. Much better, I;d say!!! You always make me smile!!

I LOVED this makeover when I saw it on your blog. I like the colours - I can tell you're an artist!!

How are your plans for the big trip going?!!



What a fun makeover for your girl's room. And a picture painted by your very own momma. Sweet.

I am hopping over from Sarah's big paint party. (Link #34)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bedroom! The princess must love her new look room. Thank you for the link to the paint party. It's my first ever party, so I am interested to see what happens next. Much love, Karen

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