Monday, November 15, 2010

Sweet dreams...the bed reveal

Hello my lovelies

After much rain and great impatience on my behalf, I present to you Isobelle's new big-girls bed.

Now, remember our starting place...

the 1930's double bed from the bedroom suite I won on Ebay.

I sanded this lovely back with help from my gorgeous boys.  The immediate results for sanding those parts of the bed that weren't timber veneer was just remarkable. 

Next, came two layers of undercoat with another zap from the sander.  Then, I used two sample pots that I had on board from one of my numerous trips to the Bunnings paint section:  a beautiful blue and a whimsical pale aqua green. To be honest, I just blended those two colours together on the bed as I went along. I really loved the result from this in itself, but onwards I strove.

The top layer was a coat of pure white, mixed with one quarter Dulux Duck White - I wanted it to be a pure white, with the edge taken off, just a little. 

Then came the part that killed my arm - sanding by hand. I had never done this before ever, and my, I have got to ask you lovely ladies that do this all the time - how do you stop your bicep on one side getting too much larger than the other? My arm killed for days after I had finished...but I have to tell you, the results were so worth it and I am ready to do it all over again.

The bed was placed under a painting I had done for Isobelle before she was born and then topped off with a very pale blue quilt cover and a quilt that Isobelle's Gran made for her on Isobelle's first Christmas.

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I wish I could bring you a "whole" of bed photo, but until the sun starts to shine again a photo from the "dark side of the room" just looks dark, no matter how I try to pretty it up.
So what do you think of my first foray into breathing life into an old piece?

I hope you are having a beautiful week.




Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Well done on doing that for your little girl. I always think it's a good idea to start my children off with a 'distressed' look so that things can only look better from there, right?!

Sunlight can be so annoying for photos, can't it (although I truly wouldn't have noticed without you saying so)?

I sometimes draw the curtains and use the flash instead!

Not sure if that's how the professionals do it but, hey, it works for me!!


freckled laundry said...

It turned out SO beautiful and shabby, Cath!!! I love the undercoat of the blue/aqua with the white and all of that distressing. Worth the wait. Is your arm better?! Ha! I totally know what you mean. I just painted (no sanding) yesterday and my arm throbs!


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