Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring....

...the old man is snoring...

because he has hay fever...

and can't stop sneezing!

Oh my goodness...we have just come out of a decade long drought with the most amount of rain since,...well, a good decade!  I was told today that we have already beaten our November rainfall average (over 20 years), and I could SO believe it! The gardens are lush, the flowers are blooming...the hayfever is terrible!  You would think that the rain would dampen the pollen, but this year all our hay fever is rife!  But still, the rain....glorious!

I totally adore the sound of rain on the roof and there is nothing better than an evening lightning and thunder storm. I love a good storm -  mind, as long as there is no thrashing wind - the sound of the distant rumbling getting closer, and counting the seconds between the light flash and the crash.  One elephant,...two elephants....  I had to teach my eldest that many years ago as he hates storms, so instead of seeing if they were getting closer like I would, he was all about if they were going away.

On the side of not liking the wet weather, I don't like, love or appreciate the spiders that are now moving to dry land - inside! Even right now, there is a nice big juicy huntsman trapped under a glass in the kitchen window sill waiting for my lovely to get off the phone to remove it to outside...and trust me, it was an amazing feat that I could even get so close as to put a glass over it, so bad is my "ergh" chill factor for them. The other night a big fat juicy spider was scuttling under the dishwasher, so it got a blast of spray - and explosion!! Baby spiders went everywhere! Now if there was ever a nightmare...that's it!! Hundreds of them!!   Chatlotte's web!? Die spider, die!! Okay, not really, but she wasn't real. Right!

Anyway, to strike those hideous images from my mind, let me share with you some lovely inspiration I found this weekend.

All Images Homelife

I hope everyone has had a super wonderful weekend.

big hugs



Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oh, hayfever is horrid, horrid, horrid, isn't it?

Your pictures are gorgeous....I especially like the image with the vintage suitcases as a bedside table. Did you see this post? It's my homage ot the humble vintage suitcase!!


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