Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A hung painting...and exciting news!!

Good evening all my lovelies

Okay, I am busting at the seams and I can't leave my exciting news until last...

The gorgeous and wonderful Kristin, over at an Uncommon Slice of Suburbia chose my little ol' printed fabric label as one of her favourites at her Link Party!!

I am beyond excited - Kristin's was my first peek around the corner at a Link Party: I was the shy chickie in the corner, holding a plate of Anzac cookies and wondering who to talk to.

Well, Kristin just made me feel enormously welcome in a very talented group of ladies. 
Thank you Kristin for the honour!! You are an angel. :-)

So, onto my painting....

Remember the abstract painting I did for my gorgeous sister in law (read about it here) - it is now hung above their fireplace.

My sisters home is warm and inviting, with lovely little details that just make you smile. So it certainly feels odd to walk in and see my painting hanging in the middle of their main living area.

Unlike most other paintings I do, where I see the improvements I can make the more I see them, this one perplexes me: there are elements I like...and whilst I don't dislike it, it challenges me visually. Perhaps this is a good thing!!

Anyway, they love it and that is what counts!!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day and to make it better I am sending everyone super hugs...big squishy ones.

Did I tell you I was excited....



freckled laundry said...

Congratulations on your feature, Cath! I'm still the shy girl at all the link (and real) parties...always will be. I love how you described it as, "...in the corner, holding a plate of Anzac cookies and wondering who to talk to." Aw. Ha!

You are a real talent and you deserve that feature.

You should link up your beautiful paintings. An artist among the crafters is always appreciated. Hey, your abstract painting kind of sparkles, come and link it up girlie.


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