Monday, August 9, 2010

Paper shredder to wear!?

Good afternoon everyone - how is your week treating you so far?

Mine has been quite lovely and I was excited to take our little chicklette to her first dance class this morning - though today it is raining, which is lovely, but certainly makes for a very sleepy day. Now she is having a nap and I just want to snuggle under a blanket and have a nice nap too - but I am happy to settle for a cup of coffee and a chat with you lovely folks instead :-)

Now this week, whilst waiting for the paint to dry (literally), I had a different creative challenge to keep me going: I was informed yesterday that this Friday at school is dress as something starting with "S". My eldest lovely said he was going to go as a Sports player...he refined it to Soccer player once he realised he could wear shin pads to school ;-) My youngest little man tells me:

"I want to be a Shredder!"


"A paper shredder?!" I ask.

"Yup! I thought I could go as the Sock man, but I think a shredder is way cooler!"


So we put our creative hats on and together came up with his costume.

You will need to excuse the very (VERY!) dodgy photos; my phone is taking all my photos at the moment, until I find the charger for the camera!

We used a box from Aldi; lots of black paint; some milk bottle lids for our ON and OFF buttons; some coloured cardstock; white ink and some printed "lines" - I thought what would be better to shred for a school dress-up, than some "lines"! I admit I pinched these from Barts "blackboard lines" on the Simpsons.

So my little man is shredding;

"Funny noises are not funny"

"I do not have power of attorney for first graders" (he is in first grade)

"I will not teach others to fly"

"The boys toilet is not a water park" get the drift ;-)

I did tell him that I could also do the Sock-man, if he wanted to do that - afterall, I have oodles of single socks in the "single sock" basket that we could use! It would certainly put them to use ;-) But no, paper shredder it is!!

The really fun part of this process, was that I bought myself a glue gun!! I can't wait to start sticking lots of stuff now... LOL

Have an awesome day and be back with you soon.



Patrice said...

Fantastic creativity! How long did he keep his 'shredder' on though I wonder, before it got in the way lol.

Catherine said...

LOL I have NO idea, but he actually got his second white card this year today for having an "Absolutely Awesome S day costume"...very cool :-)

Ruby Badcoe said...

Wow, what a unique costume your son has! Usually, his age would wear a starfish or a sun costume for something like that. He looks absolutely adorable. And, hey, that’s quite impressive of him to have won the award Absolutely Awesome S-day Costume! Very cool, indeed.

Milliscent Morgan said...

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