Saturday, July 9, 2011

A further concrete the bathroom?

Hi all

I think we were mostly in agreement that with the right elements concrete in the kitchen may just work.

But what about in the bathroom?

I don't know about you, but the bathroom is a "cold room" for me.  In summer the bathroom is the space I find relief in, because it is cool and refreshing.

Yet, come winter, the bathroom is the space I spend as little time as possible because it is cold!  Even with heat lights, it is cold.  In fact, I become a little manic in Winter about making sure all the wet area doors are closed, because they create an arctic breeze all the way down the other end of the house.

Well, that's my opinion - but I do get a little bit "princess and the pea" about it all.

So how would concrete work in the bathroom for me?  It would be necessary to have underfloor heating for starters.  Perhaps a concrete that is warmer in tone...?  I think it can look visually lovely, but I am in the middle of Winter right now, so perhaps I should ponder this question in Summer.

Green and organic

Svelte and chic

Just plain pretty!

What do you think? 

Is it too cold for you to consider the option, or does it feel just right?  

Is concrete better suited to warmer climates than the cooler ones? 

It does make me wonder how much our habitat plays
 in our decisions of home textiles and surfaces.

Happy weekend everyone!!




le said...

you'd want under floor heating in canberra :) I think its a tropical thing really .... too cold for where we live - best le xox ps I don't think it has enough personality for me maybe ... hmmm maybe with indusrtial chic ... I did like the first pic though ....

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hey cutie,

I lurrrrve that last bathroom. I think I shall have to turn up at that house, towel in hand and ask for a bath!! I really like the contrast of the pretty mirror with the wall.s Y_U_M!!


freckled laundry said...

I'd want a heated floor but I'd love a bath like the last photo!

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